Are you the WAHM who maintains a to-do list daily?

Do you ever get the feeling that you are so tired with doing a lot, only to see your task list with so many unchecked items at the end of the day?

Well, I am that WAHM. Not so much for work-related items, but more on my home chores. Although I have all my office chores in Google Task, I still have this handwritten list on my desk with my Mommy tasks. I love doodling and scribbling, so having this handwritten list is a good excuse to scribble. Plus, I find that I retain them in my brain more efficiently when I write them.

But retaining and executing are two different things. So let me give you an example of how my home chores get accomplished. Or not!

Because I have homeschool hours in the morning, I try to complete my home chores before school starts. So breakfast and home chores, then homeschool, then lunch, and finally, I get to dig into my office work.

So my home chores would be limited to one hour to two hours, max. That means I don’t make it a goal to finish everything at one go. I allot the time, and whatever I finish within that time is good.

The other day, I set out to clean my office window, sort the kids’ clothes drawers and pack old items for giving away, and make a list of items that we need to replace so I can work on the budget. Realizable for the two hours allotted, right? First item: My office window. It’s that little window downstairs beside the garage.

Not much of a task, right? But it took me about two hours to complete. And here’s why…

I took out a wet rag, and started cleaning the glass. My system in cleaning glass windows is to use a wet rag first (not so wet, though) and then follow with paper. You can use old newspapers or pages from old magazines, but I use our waste paper from homeschool.

So, done with the wet rag. I went inside to get paper. Found the trash box to be full, so I decided to take it out for disposal. We have four sacks outside: one for dry cartons and paper, one for plastic bottles, one for cans, and one for non-biodegradable assorted trash. The one for assorted trash is picked up by the municipal garbage collection truck, three times a week. The other three, we just get them ready for the garbage man who buys them from us. Found the sack with plastic bottles to be almost full, too, so I went back in and checked the bathrooms for shampoo bottles that may be ready for disposal, so I can have them sorted along with the paper and cans. Garbage sorting done, finally was able to get back to cleaning the glass.

Then I went on to clean the grills. As I was cleaning, my eyes caught sight of the grass starting to grow below the window. I started weeding, with the goal of just finishing that small part below the window. Before I knew it, I’ve weeded the grass off half the front yard. Uh, not much of a yard, but I don’t know what else to call it.

After I’ve swept off the grass, I went back to cleaning the grills. And then it’s time to rinse the rag, before I give the grills another wipe.

Then I thought, wait, might as well wash the other rags, too, so I can maximize the use of laundry soap and water. So I collected the other rags inside the house, and went on to handwash eight of them.

I had a bubbly basin full of water with soap, and felt so bad about just throwing it down the drain, and I thought, well, the garage is so dusty, so I decided to use it to clean the garage floor. I did that will all the water that I used to rinse all the rags. So I have a bunch of clean rags, and a clean garage floor, too!

And finally, I was able to complete cleaning my office window. One item ticked off from my home chores list, and my time was up. One out of three is not so bad, yeah?  Especially since there are items now that won’t even make it to the list.

But the other items in the present list will need to be transferred to a fresh sheet so I can schedule it for another time.  And there’s another excuse to make use of my mechanical pencil. I’m happy!

How do YOU get your chores done?  I do hope you will share!