How sweet it is to be loved by you!  Thank you, The Learning Basket duo!

I am beyond thrilled when I received this email yesterday from Sanne of The Learning Basket.

Here’s the full email, no edits.

Dear Marge, 
Mariel and I would just like to thank you for all the help that you gave us from the setting up of The Learning Basket Shop to the integration of the Affiliate Program. Working with you was such a breeze. You knew exactly what we wanted and you were able to follow through. To say that you work quickly is an understatement. We look forward to more projects with you! From (former haha) IT folks who could’ve just done it themselves, we are happy that we chose you for these projects. Thank you! Thank you!
Inspiring you to be your child’s first and best teacher
Shop pre-loved children’s books by the best authors and illustrators

In case you’re wondering what the fuzz is all about… well, I set up The Learning Basket’s shop back in May last year.  And like any other shop I created in the past, there was no fanfare.  But I do love these ladies.  I just don’t post much about my projects in particular.  I just talk about my glorious WAHMlife all the time.  🙂  I love working with clients who simply tell me what they need, and give me the freedom to go about fulfilling that need.

Then again last month, they wanted to know if I could help them set up an affiliate program for their shop.  Just at that period in my VA life that I was seriously considering giving more focus on doing affiliate marketing and helping others do it, too.  I’ve been immersed in it for years, and so many business owners in the Philippines are still not taking advantage of having their market reach multiplied a thousand-fold by simply setting up an affiliate marketing program.

So I set up their program, and ta-da!

You can read more about their affiliate program here.  This is an opportunity to spread the word on the importance of reading, of being our children’s first ad best teacher, and top it with an opportunity to earn extra by simply talking about it.  If you’re someone who’s active on social media, by all means, sign up and be an advocate of reading.  I promise, this is something that you will be proud to share.

And on another note, if you are a business owner who wants to bring your business to the next level, do let me know!  I can set up your affiliate marketing program, too!

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