It’s two in two!  Two sites in two weeks!  Can’t get any better than this.

This site has been around since last year, but only during my goalsetting in November did I really get to internalize on its purpose.  I bought the domain early in the year, wanting to use it as my ‘pay-it-forward’ kind of site.  I wanted to create an online resource for WAHMs and WAHDs (or WAHM and WAHD wannabes) where they can either get ideas, or offer ideas.  And then for a while, I decided to turn it into my coaching site, but later changed my mind again, because I felt that the coaching is a big part of what I do, hence it should be with MargeAberá

So in December, I collaborated with Chasing Dreams on the design to get the site off hibernation.  This site was actually our first, but as you well know by now, my personal biz site made it to launch date first.  In terms of content, I was simply more ready with the business site.

This was the mock up of the logo.

And this is the final output.  I requested for the Sketch Block font to make it identifiable with TheHappyWAHM.

Last night, hoping to make it two in two, I worked overtime to just put a couple of products in the shop and set up the directory pages.

The main focus of the site is to encourage entrepreneurship among women, and men, who stay home. I wish to have guest posts from anyone who’d like to share a hobby or an idea that has the potential of becoming a profitable business, just like the first post, How To Make Mango Puree.  Incidentally, that was written by a man, so while the WAHM in the site title means work-at-home mom, it can also be easily referred to as work-at-home man.

I also have a page for partner sites, and these are the ones who responded to my call on Facebook last year, on who would want to get listed on my still-inactive site.  And I’m so grateful to them, because they trusted me that much.

The Shop page is a showcase of my affiliate marketing stream.  I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for two or three years, I guess, but it’s only now that I decided to have them in one place.   Affiliate marketing is a good income stream, if you know how to do it right, and this is one of the topics that I will share in my February 28 VA Business Success Workshop.  Since I’ve been asked to share my blueprint for my virtual assistance success, I find it important to share how to create other income streams out of the niche that I have chosen to pursue.

The site is still considered under construction, but I wanted to get it out there already.  Everyday is a great day to get something started, so why not today?

I hope you will drop by, and again, if you have an idea and you don’t know what to do with it, let’s talk!  I may be able to help you turn it into a profitable venture.

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