For the past weeks, I’ve been talking about how we manage our money and how we save for our future.  Now, let’s talk about how we spend.  Wisely.  With ShopBack.

I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping for clients, mostly at Amazon.  In fact, I’m now offering it as a specialized service, meaning, I get hired to shop.  Clients just send me what they need, and I take care of looking for the best offer on that product.

I also do a lot of online booking for hotels, flights and even car rentals.  At first, I was really apprehensive about shopping online.  Like I was afraid the orders would not go through yet the card would be charged.  Or that the products I ordered would not get shipped.  But as I do it more and more, I gained confidence about online shopping.

So confident that I now shop for myself, too.  I buy my hooks and yarns online, art materials for the kids, and lots of digital/downloadable books and patterns.  I was even telling my husband the other day, since our internet security will be expiring in a month, that we’d be better off buying them online.  Easier to renew, and he doesn’t have to remember where he put the CD.  🙂

And then…

I stumbled on ShopBack.

This was back in September.  I was at BPI’s website, and I inadvertently clicked on one of the links there, and was brought to a page where they’re offering a sign up bonus for BPI cardholders.  My interest was piqued, of course.  But I did not sign up just yet.  I had to do my due diligence on the legitimacy of the offer, and wanted to make it worth my time signing up.  I mean, if I sign up and I find that I can only shop with one merchant, it may not be worth the trouble of remembering yet another username and password.  Plus, I have to know that what the merchants offer are actually products that I would buy.  I’m all about maximizing opportunities, as a takeaway from my college education in maximizing profits and minimizing costs.  I have to maximize my opportunities, with just the minimum of fuss.

So I found that Lazada, Zalora and Ensogo are merchants.  Looking good.  I have an Ensogo account, and I’ve been hearing good things about Lazada, so I was getting warmer.

My fellow hookers… wait… that did not sound right.

My fellow crocheters buy their sewing machines from Lazada.  And a former officemate messaged me asking about how to set up a Paypal account coz he was going to shop online and he needs a Paypal account.

So people are really into online shopping now.

Oh wait, I do set up online carts for a living, so people better be into online shopping!

But back to ShopBack…

Wouldn’t it be great to be given some cash back when we shop?  That’s how ShopBack works.  You shop with your favorite online merchant using the link from ShopBack, and your purchase will be tracked back to your account, and when the purchase is made, you are eligible for a cash back.  So for example, if you buy something from Lazada through Shopback, you can get up to 4% cashback!

But wait, there’s more!  🙂

Refer a friend and you’ll get a PHP100 bonus when your friend signs up.

I’ll give you a hint.

Sign up through my link and you’ll be helping me give my son guitar lessons!


But maybe I’m explaining the mechanics poorly.

So please go ahead and check out how it really works.

And if you’re game, sign up using my link.

I’m not kidding.  You’ll be helping me give my son some serious guitar lessons if you do.  🙂

Then afterwards, it will be your turn to invite your friends with YOUR link.

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