Been meaning to share my DIY hobby corner since the day we had it set up, but have not had the time to take photos of what’s actually in my kits, until this morning.

I like working with my hands.  Since I was little, I’ve been sewing by hand.  Daughter of a seamstress, of course I know how to sew.  But never really liked using the sewing machine.  It intimidates me.  And besides, our Home Economics and Practical Arts teachers required us to sew by hand, simply because public schools didn’t have sewing machines then.

Then my mother-in-law gifted me with a Singer sewing and embroidery machine.  Since then, I’ve been wanting to really use it regularly, but the limited space in our home had me keep the machine in its box, only taking it out when I have a project to do, like sewing new curtains for Christmas, or making little items for give-aways.

So when, finally, I settled in my new home office, I decided that I’d put up a hobby corner, too.  I just want to have all my things in one place, you know.  I want my hobbies to be within my reach, that when I start to feel tired of the humdrum of my work, I can just reach for a needle and sew.

I asked for the husband’s help in setting it up, of course.  I had a small table made for the sewing machine.  Then we installed braces on the wall for the open shelves.  Hubby’s pretty handy with the electric drill.  Got the braces from Wilcon Home Depot.

We bought a piece of marine plywood from the construction supply store and had them sanded.  The original plan was to have them stained after sanding, then cover with varnish for a shiny finish.  But I changed my mind when I realized that it would take longer to complete the project because we would have to wait a long time for the smell of varnish to dissipate.

I already have self-adhesive laminating sheets which I used to line my office table drawers, so I thought, maybe we could use it to cover the wood planks.

Husband took care of the measurements, and I took care of putting on the laminate.

We bought some covered trays that I saw from SM Hypermart and started putting all my hobby stuff in them.

I have a growing stash of yarns for my new-found passion, crocheting, which was introduced to me by my daughter.

But I will never forget my jewelry-making hobby, which I started back when I was still in corporate. I used to accept bulk orders from OFWs, who sell the stuff to their bosses.  I also remember making the bracelets and necklaces for the secondary sponsors in my brother’s wedding.

The materials I used ranged from semi-precious stones, to German stones, to polymer clays.

I still have some Swarovski crystals left, which I’m keeping for my daughters.

So this is how my hobby corner looks like now.  I just have to turn my office swivel chair, and I can be sewing, or darning, or crocheting, in no time!  The only items not in here are the cross-stitch materials that I have already handed over to my middlechild.

I’m sure I’ll have lots of crochet projects to make, thanks to Mrs P. Cuyugan of Mrs C’s Sugarcoated Life, who gave my daughter (not me, mind you!) five amazing pattern magazines.  Take a peek at what’s inside and be excited with me!

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