One word.  Successful.

And it was.

The workshop borne of a Facebook status of someone in my friends list pushed through despite the storm signal being up at number 2.  With only 18 days of preparation, from the moment I made the announcement that I’m going to conduct a WordPress Workshop for WAHMs (without even consulting my partner), we were able to confirm 20 warm bodies, out of the 41 who actually registered. but with the final date not being a fit with their respective calendars, the rest just begged off and asked that a re-run be scheduled, and soon.

This workshop was a first for both me and my partner, Jenn Tan, although I’m not a stranger at coordinating events.  I knew what we needed to do and have.  Only problem was, we both have demanding clients to take care of.  So we thought it best to ask for the assistance of a good friend, Patty, who is a professional event coordinator an event coordinator extraordinaire.  I knew I wanted the workshop to be at colab, a place I fell in love with when we had our Real Ways to be WAHM workshop there.  And when it comes to food, I knew we’re safe to go with Almost Gourmet, so we did.

The preparation was not easy, especially for Jenn, whose task was to create sub-domains for all the attendees.  She had all kinds of trouble installing the script and all, and all I could do was pray that the glitches would be sorted out.  True to her moniker – The Techie Mom – she, of course, got everything ready for the event.

The one thing that we really made sure would be out on time was our special giveaway.

Special thanks to the designer of the mug, Chris Oliver Tan, Jenn’s other half, and of course, to The Mug Shop, for the wonderful print.

And a workshop would not be complete without certificates!  Those, I printed myself, kudos to my ever reliable Epson L-200.

We loved the questions that were thrown our way, and really, even the basic stuff could not fit in a day of workshop, so to be able to address more of our attendees’ questions, we have created a Facebook Group where we can continue to support these ladies who have bravely trooped to the workshop despite the rains and traffic and storm signal.

And despite the lack of sleep and the stressful days leading to the workshop, I am so grateful that I didn’t have the unsightly pimples to show, thanks to my trusted soap, which you will read more about in tomorrow’s post!

I should not forget to mention, and thank, Xend, for always being so supportive of WAHM workshops.

With the workshop over, and it being a Sunday, I’m going to take a bit of a time off, maybe go to the supermarket with my ever comfortable jeans and shirt, but this time, sporting my new-found A-Strap comfy feet friends.

But before I go, let me say again, THANK YOU to these awesome ladies!

Will there be a re-run?

Stay tuned!