I’m writing this post from the bank. It’s a Monday and there’s a long queue. Thought I’d better use my time productively.

I’m having two events this weekend. Gloria and the WAHMderful Weekend. To say that I have a busy week ahead of me is an understatement. Truth be told, I still don’t know how I’m going to manage the schedule. Recording and tutti rehearsal on Friday night, the concert on Saturday night, and the WAHMderful event from 9am to 4pm on Sunday. I will have to stay overnight in Manila on Friday, and still undecided whether I should go home to Batangas in the morning of Saturday, and come back again in the afternoon for the concert in the evening. Then stay overnight again on and go home on Sunday afternoon.

And before the weekend, St. Jude Science and Technological School will be celebrating it’s 4th Founding Anniversary, so that’s another event that I need to attend. Or not.

My main concern is not seeing my kids for two days and two nights straight if I don’t go home. The second concern is my responsibility to my clients. Yes, I do work on weekends, since I don’t actually work full time on weekdays, While I can be connected through my mobile phone, there are tasks that require me to be logged in to at least three websites to be able to accomplish any one of them. So I guess I need something with a keyboard for that. 🙂

Oh, well. I just need to make the best of what this week has to offer.

So let me just tell you more about my glorious weekend. The Gloria concert is a fundraising effort for a dear friend, Brutus, who’s been battling the Big C. We had our first fundraising concert for him last April, and we really need to raise more. Hence, the new effort. I’m really hoping that we can entice more people to come. Those who cannot come because of prior commitments can still buy tickets to give away to people who they want to be blessed with the music and fellowship. As a matter of fact, I have, on hand now, 16 tickets to give away, courtesy of a few generous people who cannot come, but want to share their blessings for our friend.

Should you find it in your hearts to help out in this effort, please feel free to share this really awesome poster created by one of the members of The New Covenant Singers.

As you can see from the poster, there will be five choirs at the concert.  Each choir will have its own repertoire, and a tutti at the end, to perform five songs with John Rutter’s Gloria as the finale. Our friend is a member of four of the five choirs.  He’s our power bass.  There could be four to five members from each of the sections, with him as the only bass, and still his voice would ring above everyone else’s.

I know we cannot really raise the million that he needs, but we’ll really be happy to see people come for an evening of praise and fellowship.

And in the morning after, I’ll be off to the WAHMderful Weekend event as one of the “experts” to ask.  Hey, look!  There’s a poster!

There will be four keynote speakers, and a huddle up with us, the real players in the featured niches in WAHMing.  The attendees get to choose the niche they want to know more about of.  My business partner and Tehnical Operatons Manager of VASupportPro, Jennyfer Ang-Tan, will be with me in the Virtual Assistance huddle, too.  We’ll be ready to answer your questions about the virtual assistance and online store management niches, including how to set up a WordPress website without paying an arm and a leg, how to set up an online store, and I’ll also be throwing in the 5 Ws to Becoming a Virtual Assistant.  All our answers will be based on real-life experiences – what worked, what did not.  We’ll be sharing how we can actually support a family with just one client.  Yes, it is possible!

Ready to transition to a work-at-home career?  You can still register here!

A whole blog post, and my number still has not been called.  Oh, well.  I think I’ll just catch up on my reading.  🙂