Last January 15, I posted a status on Facebook asking for anyone who’d be passing by Pampanga to please buy me a Masa Podrida by La Moderna Bakery.

Well, to be honest, it was not just for anyone.  It was meant for my husband, who was at that time in Bulacan, on his way to Pangasinan.  Though he does not actually do Facebook at all, I know that one of his colleagues who was with him at the time regularly checks in.  So, I was kinda hoping that the post will reach him.

I was introduced to Masa Podrida by a good friend from Pampanga just a few days back.  Ate Aleth and I became friends online in one of the advocacy groups I joined back in 2007.  And that day, we were about to meet another cyber friend, from the same advocacy group, for the first time, so she brought some goodies with her from Pampanga, and among those was the Masa Podrida.

It was love on first taste!  It became my favorite morning staple, with freshly brewed Batangas coffee.  I finished the whole jar in less than a week.

So… on to the Facebook post.  The very first to comment was from Ate Aleth, who promised to bring me another jar when we meet again, which, given the history we have, will be in another year.  [Sigh!]

The next comment was from [drum roll] Lanie Aquino, who simply said, “Owner is my friend, how many do you want?”

I was jumping up and down, literally!

The next question was, “Where do you live?”

And here they are…

Arrived by LBC this afternoon.  I was expecting a jar, and I got four!  If you can see me now as I write this post, I’m smiling from ear to ear, while munching on these goodies!

I have sent a thank you message to Ate Lanie Aquino, but I guess she’s not online yet.  Oh, yes!  That Aquino!   It thrilled my daughters to the bone when I tell them she’s related to the President.  Really, Mommy?  But how do you know her?  Oh, well.  Mommy’s secret. 🙂

So if anyone of you reading my post swings by Guagua, Pampanga, don’t go home without the Masa Podrida.