When God closes a door, He opens a window.

I was once again reminded of this just today.  On a day that’s really bleak, and sad, and full of uncertainty.

I’ve been putting in sporadic hours at work for the past days.  Have been out of groove since the daily migraine attacks.  But I still try to show up at work, even just to accomplish the inbox items that need the quickest turnaround.

This morning, I was abruptly fully awake when I realized that I still have not booked my client’s lodging for his trip to Tahoe in late September.  I submitted a short list of choices for him last week, and three days ago, he told me to make another attempt to connect with his AirBnB host for the last three consecutive years.  The place was just across the venue for the Spartan World Championships, so understandably, he wants to stay there again this year.

And because it’s just across the venue for the Spartan World Championships, again, understandably, the place was no longer available when I inquired two weeks ago.

But client still wants me to try to connect, and so I did.

Persistence.  Sometimes it pays.

This time, it did not.

So I had this shortlist, and three days ago, we were down to three.  And he gave me his first choice if ever I don’t hear back from the previous host.

But since I have been sporadically working, I forgot about it.

And remembered it this morning just between that zone of foggy sleep and complete wakefulness.  So I promptly logged in at 6:00 am.

Yep.  From the bed to the workstation.  This is how we roll.  WAHMing rocks!

Problem was, that first choice he had three days ago was no longer available this morning.

There was my door.

I was palpitating in an instant.  Because the next best place is $75 more expensive, per day, and I’ll be booking for five days, so I’m practically making a bad deal for my client.

Did I mention that the next place is also about 4 blocks farther from the venue than the one that has been taken?

So I was getting ready to be on the receiving end of an irate email, when it occurred to me that maybe I was not thorough enough in my search for places in the last week.

Yes.  Because of the migraine.

So search again, I did.  And found another place that’s actually $81 more than the last one that has been taken, or make it $6 more than the one I was going getting ready to book for my client, but…

It’s a big BUT…

It’s closer to the venue, and it’s a short walk to the ski lift.  And it has two bedrooms.  One has a king size bed.  The other has a queen, and a bunk bed.


And the pictures were great.  And the reviews were all awesome.  And it was an instant booking, so I don’t have to wait for the host to respond before booking.

I sent the link to client, and his reply went like, “Whoa! This is GREAT!  Snatch it!”

And so, I did.

And that was my window.

And it calmed the storm raging inside me.  The message was clear.  There will always be other opportunities for me out there.

Or I can just create another one, like I always do.

See, I’ve been stressing about something in the past two days.  Something I started out of love seems to be falling apart.  Like watching a door slowly close on me, and everything I desire are inside that door.

It’s bad.  Even the husband feels so bad.  Because supportive husband that he is, he also invested a lot of time and effort and emotion on this.

But sometimes, we must learn how to let go. And use whatever God-given wisdom we have to know when to walk away.

It pains me to have come this far, only to be stopped mid-stride.  But I’m hopeful that this is happening to make way for something better.

And when I say better, it is subjective.  

So watch out for some changes.

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