26/365Challenge: Today’s a happy day!  Never thought much about Valentine’s day.  It’s not a day I got used to celebrating, but my son changed that for me.

Three days ago, he asked me if we still have origami paper.  But unfortunately, we’ve run out.  So next he asked If I have colored papers.  And I gave him what’s left in the ream that I bought last year.  I knew there’s something he’s trying to follow on YouTube, but I’m not one to go where I’m not invited, so I just let him be.  I would hear him getting frustrated.  And I would just shush him and say, “Patience, Jude.”

Then yesterday, he finally admitted that he could not finish it all by himself.  He needed someone to hold the folded paper with two hands, while he used his hands turning the paper to its shape.  When I commented that it’s looking good, he said, “It’s for you, Mommy.”

By afternoon, he asked me if he could borrow my glue gun.  He needed it to attach the wire stem to the leaves and the flower.

Again, he was frustrated.  He’s not used to using a glue gun, and it hardens before he could attach.  So his dad finally offered to help him.  We don’t normally offer to help.  We have to be asked.  That’s what we teach them.  Figure things out by themselves, and ask for help when they can no longer do it on their own.

So Daddy showed him how to simply use the white glue and roll the paper around the wire.

This was the photo I posted on Instagram.

And this is where it is now, holding that special space on my lap table which also serves as my crochet project table.  The crane is from my middlechild.  I wonder what our firstborn will have for me this Valentine?

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