My name is Marge and I’m The Happy WAHM.   Welcome to my web page!

About Me:

I’m a happy, and fulfilled, work-at-home, homeschooling mom of three.  I started my virtual assistance service in 2006, when I left my corporate career to personally care for my children. I’ve been known to be very career-driven, and so it was quite a surprise to those who knew me, including my (former) boss, when I turned my back on a promotion that I’ve been working so hard for, but would have taken me away from my family, and chose to stay home with the kids instead. But having a career does not equate to having to leave the children everyday and being an employee in a conglomerate.  Nor does personally taking care of your children equate to being a plain housewife.  And so I went ahead and created a new career for me, right within the four corners of our home.  It’s simply about doing something you are passionate about, committing to doing it for the long haul, being happy with it, and enjoying the financial rewards.  And that’s how I became The Happy WAHM.

In 2009, we embraced homeschooling.

In 2015, I started a hobby.  By 2016, it has turned into a business.

About this site:

I have a business site that gets me introduced to people who are in need of a little help with their business management.  But this one is all about home life, from home management to homeschooling.  I’d like this to be as spontaneous as possible.  Just the daily ramblings of a WAHM who has overcome the challenges of creating a new career from scratch, a career that not so many people know about.

Be my Friend in Cyber:

I’m on Facebook, as myself, and you can subscribe to my personal updates.  Or you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook for your  daily dose of WAHMderful tips. I have also braved it out on Instagram, trying my best to capture images that are Insta-worthy.  Sometimes I fail, but hey, let’s focus on the wins here, okay?

Will be happy to connect with you!