It’s my third year, and I’m still learning.

For the first two years of our homeschooling journey, each time someone asks the name of our school, I just tell them we’re with The Master’s Academy (TMA).  Until I met Tina Rodriguez.  We met online, via Facebook, and she was in need of some pre-school materials, and I was just about ready to let go of some of mine, and so we agreed to meet so she could buy my old curriculum.  And it was during the course of our conversation that she mentioned something about giving her homeschool a name.

Of course, I’ve read from other homeschooling blogs that they do have names for their homeschool.  I just didn’t care much about giving ours a name.  Or I was too lazy to think up of something that I would actually like, long term.  So I just left it at that.

And then came that A-HA! moment yesterday morning, as I was writing my status update on Facebook, and out came the Aberásturi Home Academy.  So simple, and it sounds so right.  Because every day, as I teach my children, I learn something from them.  Our homeschool will always give me A-HA! moments.

Project for the kids… make a banner for the Aberásturi Home Academy, with logo, to be accomplished before the school year ends.