Bea’s English Garden

Bea's English Garden

Today has been really productive for me and my third grade homeschooler.  I took time out from my regular WAHM routine and focused on working with Bea on her English lapbook.  Since we are still waiting for our Science and Math books, we were able to finish our first quarter lessons for English last week, and as our output for the quarter, we decided to make a lapbook of lessons we have covered for the period. Pictured below is our project we decided to call Bea's English Garden.  Remember that we have lots of left over flower cut outs from the Teachers' Day cards?  We originally planned of putting them to good use with this project, but like any other plan, changes happen.  We stuck with the garden theme, but better ideas came up as we were working on the components. All the papers we used in this project were from our binder of printed lectures and activity notes from the past years.  We really have used so much bond paper in the past two years that I promised to just re-use them ... [ Read More ]

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Teachers' Day Project

It's World Teachers' Day, and last night, the girls and I made Thank You cards for Xia's teachers at St. Jude Science and Technological School.  We just used whatever material we could find at home since it was already late when Xia told us we'd be making those cards.  Good thing that I had left over board papers from my desktop publishing biz, and I have a collection of craft scissors and punchers.  We had fun making them.  And although the cards were for Xia, Bea volunteered to help.  Oh, Jude helped, too.  Mostly by saying "Ganda n'yan a." So here are some of the 12 cards we finished last night.  The left over flower cut outs will be used for Bea's lapbook, which she's always excited to work on.  She's the artistic member of the family.   ... [ Read More ]