We Must Be Doing Something Right!

TheHappyWAHM post

This is an actual three-way conversation between me and my two homeschoolers, Bea and Jude. I started the conversation as an avenue for an oral recitation in Math - addition and subtraction for Jude; and addition, subtraction and multiplication for Bea. But the conversation turned out to be a lesson in something far more important than Math. A lesson for me, on love and selflessness, and how my children's respective characters are being developed. Me: Jude, bibigyan mo ba si Mommy ng money mo? (Referring to Ninong Ogie's gift to him.) Jude: Yes, sa 'yo na lang, pero kukuha ako ng isa. (There were 6 bills.) Me: Bakit isa? Ano ang bibilhin mo? Jude: Gamot. Wala na akong (name of his med) e. Me: Hindi toy? Meron ka pa namang gamot, bagong bili ni Daddy. Bea: Dahil 'yon ang kailangan, Mommy, saka may toy pa s'ya. Me: Okay. Ganon nga ba 'yon, Jude? Jude: Ilan ba ang money ko, Mommy? I showed him the bills. Jude: Sige, dalawa na ang kukunin ko. Isang pang gamot, ... [ Read More ]

Will You Homeschool Your Child?

11th Educators' Conference

Me, oh my!  It's the end of the month and I only had one post for October.  Not due to lack of interest, I assure you.  Just the lack of time to sit down and write.  So many things happened this month.  My eldest daughter turned 12.  Just one more year and I'll have a teener!  And then our school, not the Aberásturi Home Academy, but rather the St. Jude Science and Technological School, celebrated it's 2nd Founding Anniversary.  I danced, oh yes, I did!  One folk number and a ballroom number.  So I had to put in rehearsal hours on top of my already  full daily calendar.  My 12-year old, who attends SJSTS had a dance number, too, and Bea made a guest appearance, performed a piano duet with Ate Xia.  And then I was given the opportunity to attend the 11th Educators' Conference, where among the topics discussed were the Department of Education's Program and Policies on the K-12 Curriculum, Dealing with Difficult Parents, Preparation of Instructional Materials and the 21st Century Learning ... [ Read More ]

Teacher Mommy’s A-HA! Moment

It's my third year, and I'm still learning. For the first two years of our homeschooling journey, each time someone asks the name of our school, I just tell them we're with The Master's Academy (TMA).  Until I met Tina Rodriguez.  We met online, via Facebook, and she was in need of some pre-school materials, and I was just about ready to let go of some of mine, and so we agreed to meet so she could buy my old curriculum.  And it was during the course of our conversation that she mentioned something about giving her homeschool a name. Of course, I've read from other homeschooling blogs that they do have names for their homeschool.  I just didn't care much about giving ours a name.  Or I was too lazy to think up of something that I would actually like, long term.  So I just left it at that. And then came that A-HA! moment yesterday morning, as I was writing my status update on Facebook, and out came the Aberásturi Home Academy.  So simple, and it sounds so right.  Because every day, ... [ Read More ]