We Must Be Doing Something Right!

TheHappyWAHM post

This is an actual three-way conversation between me and my two homeschoolers, Bea and Jude. I started the conversation as an avenue for an oral recitation in Math - addition and subtraction for Jude; and addition, subtraction and multiplication for Bea. But the conversation turned out to be a lesson in something far more important than Math. A lesson for me, on love and selflessness, and how my children's respective characters are being ... [ Read More ]

Will You Homeschool Your Child?

11th Educators' Conference

Me, oh my!  It's the end of the month and I only had one post for October.  Not due to lack of interest, I assure you.  Just the lack of time to sit down and write.  So many things happened this month.  My eldest daughter turned 12.  Just one more year and I'll have a teener!  And then our school, not the Aberásturi Home Academy, but rather the St. Jude Science and Technological School, celebrated it's 2nd Founding Anniversary.  I danced, oh yes, ... [ Read More ]

Teacher Mommy’s A-HA! Moment

It's my third year, and I'm still learning. For the first two years of our homeschooling journey, each time someone asks the name of our school, I just tell them we're with The Master's Academy (TMA).  Until I met Tina Rodriguez.  We met online, via Facebook, and she was in need of some pre-school materials, and I was just about ready to let go of some of mine, and so we agreed to meet so she could buy my old curriculum.  And it was during the ... [ Read More ]