I really meant to write this post last night, as soon as I got home from the worskhop.  But some Higher Force wanted me to rest, so I got my monster red eyes instead, which practically made me go straight to bed upon getting home.

Well, no, strike that.  I actually had time to eat dinner, check my mail and my pages for urgent messages, took a really quick shower, then straight to bed.

Yesterday’s run of the Real Ways to be WAHM was simply awesome!  We had a fantastic audience who asked the right questions, the food was terrific and the venue was impressive!  Fast internet connection, and what do you know, there were power outlets right in front of you.  Like on the table.  In front of you.  Right where you are sitting.

Have I described it vividly enough?  The power outlet was within my reach!  And there is one for each and every one of us.  And some extras.

Oh, okay.  Enough!  Power outlets just make me excited, that’s all.

So, as I was saying, it was an event that left me feeling warm all over.  Definitely in a figurative way of speaking there.  But literally, too.  As I actually had to go down for a while and made a short trek to Watson’s to buy paracetamol.  Estimate, I had a 39-ish fever, but the show must go on.  Quite unfortunate that the goodie bag from Unilab didn’t have a paracetamol in it.

I wouldn’t have taken medication, as it’s a no-no for my kidney, but hubby said texted that I had to, or risk getting chills on the bus, and travelling alone with chills wouldn’t be fun at all.  So I took one tablet, and thankfully, I was perspiring before the last speaker finished.  And the trip home went uneventful.  Oh, and thank you again to the Cuyugans, for letting me ride with them to Alabang.  🙂

A number of attendees, I have previously met, or have communicated with through the Facebook group, but I was also thrilled to have met some wonderful new personalities.  They were a responsive bunch.  I just got so carried away that my slot meant to end at 12:15PM actually ended at 12:45PM.  So sorry they we all got hungry.  But I really didn’t notice the time.  I was having fun!

A couple of ladies have noticed my red eye at the event, so I’m wondering if I’ll be showing as the red-eyed monster in the photos.  But when I got home, the kids were kind of got scared.  My left eye was bloody red all over, like there really was no white left, and my vision was a bit impaired.  I’m guessing that a vein ruptured, so I had to hit the sack pronto.

Yesterday was like a “six degrees to” sort of thing.  Like one seatmate’s mother knows my aunt-in-law in Cagayan.  Another seatmate has a Peace Corp volunteer whom I’ve met here in Batangas.  Another attendee is from Batangas, but now lives in Cavite, and also a homeschooler.  And another one has a credit management background just like I do.  So there was kinship with almost everyone, and that really made me connect with them more.

I really love speaking in workshops.  I think I have been working from home for so long, working all by myself, that speaking in workshops has become an outlet to voice out my experiences, share my ideas and simply connect with people.  I started out as a WAHM on my own.  No community groups, no other WAHMs that I know of, in fact, the words “virtual assistant” were still quite foreign to the rest of the population that each time someone would ask me what I was doing at home, I’d have to go on a full ten minutes of explanation.

And because I know how it feels to be forced to venture into the unknown, I really want to be of help to anyone who’d believe that I know what I’m talking about.

Kudos to Mommy Patty and Mommy Ginger of Manila Workshops for pulling off another event to remember.  And Mommy Donna, of course, for the moral support.  And we finally got to hear Kris of Xend speak. Xend has been one of the generous sponsors of our past workshops. Hats off, too, to the brainy, Dainty Mom, the strong woman behind the WAHMderful Life Community of Moms, who introduced me to the workshop scene.  And of course, Manila Workshops for believing in me, and giving me the opportunity to share my story.  Because really, all the things you will ever get to hear from me in all my workshops are practices that have already worked for me, not theories that are yet to be tested.

At the workshop yesterday, I was asked to discuss the Realities of a VA’s Life and how to cope with those realities.  My last slide, I’m sharing with you here.

And don’t forget to share!