Back in January, I wrote about my new beginnings.  My eight-year  dream of having a home office – a full space where I can entertain clients and not just a table in a corner of the living room – was finally realized.  I don’t think I ever got around to sharing here how the construction went, or how my space looks like, so I will do that now.

Here’s how my work space looked like two years from when I started out as a WAHM.  The first two years, I only had a computer table beside my newborn’s crib.

And this is my home office now.  Well, not that clean when I’m working.  🙂

I also mentioned in that earlier post my dream of having my sites (I now have four) revamped.  Today, I am happy to present the new look for The Happy WAHM.  But in case you are visiting this site for the first time, this was my old header.

So you see, my 2014 is proving to be a year of realizations, of dreams coming to fruition.  But these things did not happen with me sitting down, twiddling my thumbs, and waiting for things to come into place.  I worked hard for these, while faithfully holding on to God’s provisions of good health, strength, and good clients.  🙂

And I would not have done all the hard work without the support of these important people:

My husband, who has fully supported all my endeavors from Day 1.  Darna has a stone, I have a husband.  ‘Nuff said.

My children, for being… well, the children that the good Lord has gifted me with.  They really made my days as a WAHM feel like a walk in the park.

The WAHM community, for the daily dose of support.  It’s a big community, so it’s just not possible to mention everyone’s name.  But I’ll definitely mention my partner, The Techie Mom, who pressured me to go ahead with the re-design.  Pressure!  Seriously!   Martine de Luna, for the inspiration.  We still have that pending consult.   Artique, for the header that I have taken down from the site, but will never be let go.  And the one whose hands made me beautiful on the new header, Patricia of Fancy Girl Designs.   I am, without exaggeration, in awe of her talent.  And truly grateful that she took me in despite her long queue of projects.

Needless to say that this site re-launch also signals my more serious take into blogging, so I hope that you will continue to follow my ramblings as I trudge on in my happy WAHMing and homeschooling journey.