Working from home can be lonely. 

You don’t have anyone to go to when you have questions about something.  You don’t have a colleague that you can rant with when you’re not happy with a project.  You can just easily miss new technologies being introduced in the market because you don’t have time to check.  There may be new ways of doing things that you have not heard about because you are all caught up in your own space.  You can find yourself lost on how to deal with clients on a variety of situations that arise. When you network with other WAHMs, you address all these things, and more.

Let me share with you what I think are the top ways you will thrive when you reach out and leave your comfort zone.

1. You’ll find joint venture partners

One of the ways that you can grow as a WAHM is to join forces with other WAHMs as joint venture partners. This is exactly what I did back in 2013, when I partnered with The Techie Mom.  Her strength is my weakness, her weakness my strength, so we joined forces.  We offered a workshop together and we offered complementary services.

Having a partner means you can plan to host events together, do a course together, start a membership site together and so many more things that you may not have ever seen yourself doing on your own. The best way to find a partner is to network with other WAHMs and look for someone whose strengths are your weaknesses, and vice versa.

2.  You’ll find friends

When you are an employee working in a normal office environment, you usually form close friendships with co-workers. The reason is, you’re with them eight or more hours a day, five to six days a week. There is little time to make friends outside of the office anymore. But when you work at home, it’s even harder. If you are like me, then most likely, you hardly leave your house, so when do you find time to be with people and make friends? When working online, you’ll have more in common with other online workers and you can share your wins and losses with them just like you would at work in a way that you both understand. This will make you be happier where you are at.

3.  You’ll feel less lonely

The number one grievance of many who try to start a WAHM career is they feel isolated and lonely. You can be the world’s most introvert introvert (if there ever is someone like that), and still there will be moments that you will want to have someone to talk to. Finding other WAHMs online to chat with is a great way to avoid this feeling. You can join Facebook Groups, WAHM Forums, and other types of online communities, and if you participate, you’ll always have them when you need them.

4. You’ll stay on top of new trends

An awesome part of networking with other online workers is that it helps you stay on top of what works best in the industry you’re in. One thing that helped me succeed is my ability to set up systems and procedures. If you are within my network, it is most likely that I have shared with you these systems. What I’m saying here is…The successful WAHMs who started before you already have it worked out. You can learn from them. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just network, and you’ll find gems along the way.

5. You’ll get referrals 

You might think that networking with your fellow WAHMs is networking with your competitors.  In some cases, that is true. But not all WAHMs are in the same niche as you. That means many people can be sources of referrals for you and vice versa. To get more referrals, give more referrals.

6. You’ll be more inspired

I do hope you are the kind of person who celebrates other people’s success.  I am.  I do.  I use the triumphs of other WAHMs as my inspiration to do better, my motivation to work harder. Because I know they did not get to where they are by being complacent.  They work hard, and so do I.

7. They’ll help you

People, for the most part, do like helping each other and seeing others succeed. I know I do. And this is especially true in the WAHM communities I’ve been fortunate to be in. We’re a a sisterhood of WAHMs who “get” each other, and we do like it when we see our friends succeed and bring their respective businesses to where they want it to go.   My advice is, get an accountability partner.  Or a mentor, if you will. Someone you will be comfortable to share ideas with, and brainstorm and remind each other of your respective goals and help each other achieve them faster.

8. You can build an expert status in your chosen niche

When you are in a community of WAHMs and you sincerely try to help, younger and less experienced WAHMs will look up to you.  Those people you help will pass that information to others, and you can build a real reputation as an expert within your niche.

Networking with colleagues is all about building relationships.  A business relationship can lead to a real friendship.  Having friends in the industry can help you get through the toughest of times, and celebrate the best of times.  These connections can make all the difference in how you’ll achieve success in your journey as a WAHM.

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