Working for a fitness coach for the past five years had me surrounded with information on every aspect of keeping a healthy lifestyle. We have everything from the food pyramid, to supplements, to just about every meal plan from paleo to vegan to vegetarian and even keto meal plans. But what can I say? Every meal plan that I work on contains something that is just not readily available in the Philippine market (or maybe just not where I’m based) or if it is, it is super expensive that it is not within the budget of a struggling WAHM with three kids, with one who is about to go to college. So I let all the information float around, and pick bits and pieces of them and apply what I can. We’ve already taken up juicing as part of our family diet around the second quarter of last year, and I consider it a big a step towards our goal as a family of taking care of our health a little bit better.

Cleansing is something I’ve been familiar with but have not really taken up since most of the ways I’ve encountered have not appealed to me. Some cleanse diets have combinations of food that I don’t even like, so why bother?

Working on the Juice Hut website late last year took me up close and personal to something that I felt I could consider doing, and love, even. So right after we launched, I decided that it would be good idea to go on a cleanse. I thought I’d try out the one-day cleanse first, and see how my body would react.

I followed the preparation written on the site. My mind was ready, so I was hopeful that my body would be ready, too. I’m a heavy rice eater, and I was a bit concerned about not having to eat any solids during the cleanse. So I really appreciate the guide given at the site about the preparation. Cutting out on carbs at least two days prior to the scheduled cleanse prepared my body for the no-solid day. My stomach was pre-conditioned.

Came cleanse day, and the whole family gathered to watch me drink on the very first bottle in the kit, which is the Lemon Detox. Yes, we are that kind of family, where everyone gets excited over everything, including, but not limited to, Mommy’s cleanse. Questions like, how does it taste? Is it good? What comes after that? Does your tummy ache?

And it was good! No tummy ache. With a little bit of spicy taste in it. I liked it. Not love. But I liked it. I can live with that.

The Cold Buster Orange was for breakfast. It’s a mix of orange, pineapple, carrot and cucumber. I’m all for orange and carrot, but apprehensive of the cucumber. I was expecting it to be bitter because of the cucumber. Surprisingly, it tasted good. So I listed it down as a possible favorite. 🙂

For lunch, I had a bottle of Revitalizing Red and a bottle of Fresh Start. The red blend has beets, carrots, apple and cucumber. Again, carrots and apple are familiar, as they are already part of our juicing regimen, but a little bit apprehensive of what taste the beets and cucumber would contribute to the mix. I have eaten beets in potato salads, but never had beet juice, and I’m not a big fan of cucumbers.

I was in for another surprise, as it tasted good. Another one to make it to the list of possible favorites.

The orange blend has apple, carrot and celery. A big thumbs up from hubby, as he says celery is good for my kidney. He’s been wanting to juice it, but our present juicer can’t handle vegetables. Love this one! Definitely a favorite!

Snack was Pure Almond Milk. This is, hands down, going to be a staple. Already thinking of hoarding a supply.

Dinner was apple, celery, lemon, orange, spinach and ginger. That’s a mouthful of blends, and knowing that it has spinach and ginger in it made me dilly-dally on drinking it.

A very small sip.

No, I don’t quite get the taste.

A bigger sip than the first.

Hmmmm… interesting.

“Marge, why don’t you just take it in big gulps to get it over and done with?”

Yeah, why not?

“It has spinach and ginger, Dad!”

“You’ll survive! Drink it!”

And so I did.

Not bad. Not bad at all. It’s not something I’m going to rave about, but it has good things in it, and I can live with it if I ever need to take it as part of a diet or something. Good enough.

I normally end my days at 12 midnight, but on busy days, I extend my working hours up to 2am. On my cleanse day, I was ready for bed as early as 10pm. After drinking the organic tea that came with the kit, I just felt that my body was ready to relax. The tea had a calming effect, and I started to feel sleepy earlier than usual.

This was me the next day.

Suffice it to say that my one-day cleanse introduced me to new tastes, and inspired me to continue with our juicing protocol. I really feel lighter these days, getting my nutrients in liquid form. And I can bring a bottle with me anywhere!

For those of you who have the time to do your own juicing, go ahead and invest on a good juicer now.  That’s our plan, too, since we have a fast juicer, and it’s not good with leafy vegetables.  So this WAHM has to take on some extra projects for that dream Hurom Juicer

But if you are living the busy life but want to have your nutrient boost without the fuss, just go over and choose your combos. Or better yet, try out a cleanse, just like I did.

Oh, and when you do decide to try out a cleanse, think of getting some extra bottles for your family, too.  Husband and kids were all too interested to find out what’s in the bottles that they just had to take a sip from my supply.  🙂

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