It’s been a while!  Life has been so blessedly busy that I haven’t had time to write anything here.  Two reasons:  Have not been promoting my site, and I want to have it redesigned first before I actively promote it, again.

But I’ve been missing out on a lot of things by not writing here.  I love writing.  I wish I can write about everything that has been happening in my life, in our homeschool, with my biz, my wonderful clients, the new things I learn from doing my tasks everyday, and how I have learned to be calm in all the chaos of my daily routine.  All those things will just need to wait to be written, as I am still in the middle of re-organizing my biz.  I’m expanding, or at least working towards expanding, so there are a lot of paperwork to attend to.  I’m also preparing for the next WAHM Workshop which will be in January.  Hence, this sudden volition to write something here, coz my first WAHM Workshop has come and gone, and I still have not updated my few followers here about what went on.

So here’s a link to a blog post that was written by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez about that workshop.  Just a glimpse of what went on there.  I really had a blast, so you can just imagine how excited I am with this coming workshop in January.  It will be more detailed, more to the point, but my first slide may just be something from my husband, too.

Photo by TheHappyWAHM

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