I’ve been yakking about surviving with just one income, I think it’s time I share this little Excel file I’ve been using in our money management.

So my office desktop is officially dead.   And because of that, I have very limited access to online work, much less to my blog’s dashboard.  So I’m going to make this short and sweet.

The funny thing about not blogging regularly is that I tend to forget what I have already written in the past.  Not just once, but twice!

Check these out:

One-Income Household: The Early Days

One-Income Household: The Current Situation

Notice that I posed the same questions?  That’s because I have those questions written in a notebook!  And of course I always refer to my notes.  🙂

But anyway, I hope you’ll visit the old posts.  And to those who are just getting to know me, my Facebook page and my blog, here’s your chance to download the money management tool I’m using.  It’s pretty easy to use.  It helped me identify where to cut back on expenses, and how much I should save for whatever big ticket item we’re planning to purchase.

To Liza, who left me a message at my Facebook page this morning, thank you!  Timestamp shows it was received at 2:30 am.  She left me a two-paragraph message, which ended with this…

Thank you for sharing!  You inspired a soul today!

Thank YOU!  You have made my day really awesome!

Download your Money Management file here.

Have fun!

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