Me time.

I’ve been reading a lot about the importance of “me time”, not only for WAHMs, but for all moms and wives out there.

And I get to thinking, do I have a “me time”?

Let’s find out first what “me time” really means.

If “me time” is to be defined as the time that you spend pampering yourself in a spa, having your nails done, getting your hair styled in a salon, or going on a trip all by yourself (or with the husband), then I guess, yeah, I’m not having any “me time” at all!

But if “me time” is simply doing things that make you happy, doing things that mean a lot to you personally, then I am having loads of that!

You see, it’s all about perspective.  I used to be envious of people who go out on a trip and have regular out-of-town vacations.  But then again, I look back at the few times that my family went out of town, and realized that those times actually left me stressed and tired.  Now, maybe that was due to the packing and unpacking for the kids, and taking care of all their needs while we were in an unfamiliar environment.  So I tried to remember how I felt when I went out of town on my own, joining some friends for a vacation, and all I can recall is the loneliness of not being able to hug my kids every ten minutes.  I would go to a new place and would wonder whether my kids would appreciate being there, too.  Or I would be eating my meals and all I could think of was whether my kids were getting fed on time or have been bathed.  I would just end up regretting leaving, instead of feeling refreshed.

So what do I do to recharge?  How do I keep myself sane?

I just do things that make me truly happy.  Like quietly watching my kids do their thing when they think I’m not watching.  Giving myself a pedicure… oh yes!  I do my nails myself, and have actually saved a lot of money in the process.  🙂  Lying in bed with a novel.  Watching NCIS re-runs.  Writing down my dreams and turning them into plans.  Going through old photos and going back to the time they were taken. Quiet time upon waking up. Catching up with friends on the phone, or chatting with them on Facebook.  Or catching up with cousins I have not seen for ages, like what I did last Friday.

While in the middle of motherhood and a negotiation for a project management gig, the ongoing development of my affiliate marketing site, writing an e-book, and the daily activities for the business that I manage online, I received an invitation to a cousin’s birthday celebration.  It was an invitation I could have easily said no to, because attending would mean at least five hours of travel round trip, plus all the items on my work queue.  And I know they would have understood why I could not come.

But it was a rare opportunity to catch up with all four of them at one go, as we all live in different parts of the country.  In fact, two of the cousins live in a totally different time zone.  So I just had to go.

And I’m so happy that I did.

It was really great seeing them again.  Remembering how we climbed up their humongous guava tree when no adults were looking, playing house with the neighborhood kids atop the water tank, running after ducks and chicken around the compound, playing “step house”, “siato”, hide-and-seek, making candle balls on All Saints’ Day, caroling and “simbang-gabi” on Christmas break, making ice candy… Yes, it WAS awesome seeing them again.

Sharing here some photos of my fun time.  And boy, did I have fun!  First time to brave a photobooth, and I enjoyed it.  Kudos to ZionEyes Enterprises for making my experience really special.  Will be recommending their service to other WAHMs, that’s for sure.

And there goes my me time.  I don’t really have to be away on an exotic vacation or spend so much money to say that I’m having time to myself.  I can be clowning around with my kids at home (or in a photobooth at a cousin’s party, for that matter) and consider it my me time.  As WebMD says:  Me time is anything that lights you up or fascinates you.

For me, it’s just all about having a fantastic time, period.

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