In 11 days, I’ll be conducting the second run of my#hobbiestobusiness workshop.  A workshop on making money out of a hobby, which I conducted for the first time in August 2016.

Last night, as I was cleaning up my digital folders, I came across an old photo. The one where it all started. My first crochet project.

From this sampling of stitches that was made into a purse and several failed attempts to hand-knit, to creating a brand and registering as a business, I can proudly say that I’ve come a long way.  The flower button in the photo was not by me, but something that my daughter – the one who inspired me to start crocheting – made for me, just so I could post a finished project. This was in May 2015.

After that simple purse, I went ahead and made myself a tablet pouch.  I was able to start and almost finished it while lining up for my daughter’s enrollment at De La Salle.  This was still in May 2015.

To practice, I made this ribbed scarf for my dear friend in Canada, and proudly posted it on my social media accounts.

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From then on, inquiries started to come in. And I started accepting orders. Scarf in the photo below was my first official order, but alas, I could not charge for it, because I got the pattern from a site that expressly states that projects from the pattern cannot be sold. So I just asked for reimbursement of the cost of yarn used and the shipping fee.

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In June, I launched my Crafted Crafts website.

I bought the domain name for another purpose, but when I started crocheting, I just went ahead and set up the site.

The project that followed was a simple scarf.  I got two skeins of yarns from my daughter’s collection from Gantsilyo Guru.  I used the stitch that I was most comfortable with, the mighty DC, and used the redundant stitching to practice my tension. I was able to sell this scarf to a friend, and she ordered one more.  I made her a two-toned infinity scarf, which I named after her.  🙂

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Other “practice” projects followed.  Including a scoodie…

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… a mesh scarf…

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… and a pair of slippers.

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Before 2015 ended, I have served about 7 more paid orders. Among those orders is this chakra scoodie.

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And this Minimalist Scarf for men.  For this one, I used the awesome SC all throughout, 7.5 inches wide, 72 inches long.  I was really making money out of my hobby!

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Turns out, men dig scarves, as I received 4 more orders of that Minimalist Scarf afterwards.  I was on a roll!

Everything just got better from there.  I have since graduated to making projects using multistrand yarns (which is really a challenge for a newbie crocheter) and have sold a number of lacy projects in the past months and several more on queue.

I registered the business in July 2016, and got verified by Facebook just a few months after that.

My story can be your story, too.

You may have a hobby that is actually sucking up a portion of your family budget, so why not make it self-sufficient?  Or better yet, turn it into a business, just like I did.

Or you may have a skill that could be income-generating, but have been doing for friends and family for free.  Like organizing events, scheduling travels, designing invitations… Those are skills that properly packaged, can be launched into a business.

The challenge is where and how to start.  And this is where I can help you.

It has not been easy for me.  I learned to crochet at the time that there are about a thousand crocheters competing for projects already.   The industry is filled with skilled crocheters and artists, and neither of those descriptions aptly apply to me.

What I did have was a process.  That was is my skill.  I know how to build a personal brand, and I used that to build my own following that is not based on quantity, but on quality.

Join me on January 21 and find out how you, too, can earn by doing what you love, and create a brand with who you are.

And of course, the learning will not end on that day.  All attendees of the workshop – past and future – will become members of the Hobbies to Business Community that we already have on Facebook, where like-minded individuals get to lend support to each other.

Read what some attendees of the first run have to say

For this second run, we are grateful for the support that we have from the following brands:

The Parenting Emporium, for providing a fabulous venue for learning.

Faber-Castell Philippines, for loot bag items, and they will also set up a booth at the venue.

Cool-C, for providing healthy and refreshing drinks for both sessions.

VASupportPro and  The Techie Mom, for offering a 50% discount on web hosting (first year) to be avaialble within 3 months from date of workshop.

Katsa Co.,  for loot bag items.

Mrs. Gee’s Homemade Goodness, for providing mouthwatering cupcakes for both sessions.

JinStitches, for sponsoring  crocheted bears for raffle to early registrants.

More sponsors are coming in, so stay tuned as I update this post, and the workshop’s homepage.

Register now!