Last Saturday, I was a panelist at the WAH Expo 2015.   It was my first event attendance after a long time of hibernating at home.  A choice that I’m really happy with.  Lately, I simply don’t feel like leaving my happy place anymore.  My family is here, the work I love doing is here, my hobby corner is here… I’m sure you’ll understand why I don’t want to be away from all these.

But from time to time, I know that I still need to go out.  I was pushed to become a WAHM and found my purpose in becoming one, which is to be an inspiration to other moms like me who want to be hands-on parents while earning.  And because of that, events like the WAH Expo are not to be missed, as these events are opportunities for me to share my story, that yes, it is possible.  It may not be for everybody, but for those who are willing to take the leap, I want to be able to share my realities.  This is how I’m living my purpose.  By sharing, and by supporting events set up by WAHMs, for WAHMs.  So off I went.

Little did I know that I’d receive an extra-ordinary affirmation from a former workshop attendee at the event.

She was an attendee in one of my workshops, and a fellow attendee in another workshop by another WAHM. After the panel sharing, she approached me and gave me this…

And at the back is this message…

Dearest Marge,

Thank you so much for inspiring me to go after my dreams, grab every opportunity that presents itself, and dream more.  You are my inspiration in this crazy WAHMhood life I chose, and I could only hope to become a fraction of who you are now.

This simple token is to celebrate YOU, and inspiration to many.

I wanna be like you when I grow up!


Chachie Pabalan

I almost cried!

And my heart swelled.  I’m a firm believer that I only need to be a positive influence to one other person to create a ripple.  And that day, I was sure that I am doing just that.  Inspiring one person to take those small steps necessary to get to where she wants to be.  What an affirmation!  Thank you, Chachie!   Just keep on moving!

I’ve lost count of the number of people who approached me that day, asking for more information about what I do, and how I do it.  I just know that I ran out of calling cards.  🙂  Well, I hope that they will message me on my page, so I can connect with them, too.

Good Food

And while I’m living my purpose by inspiring others, I also get inspiration from people I meet in my journey.  One of them is Trina Cancio, the mom entrepreneur behind Mama Empanada.  Empanada is a family favorite, and we always buy ours from Red Ribbon.  So when I saw her booth at the Expo, I just knew I would not head home without a box of empanada to bring home to my family.

Which I did.

And that’s the only photo I can share with you, folks!  Coz as I always say, the reason that I can never be food a blogger is that I forget about taking photos when I see good food.  And what’s inside that box were gone in 60 seconds.  Maybe even less.  No one was paying attention to the time.  At all.   All five of us got busy the moment the box was opened.  It was cold, yes.  But the aroma was so inviting that even when my husband offered to reheat them, we violently declined.  We could not wait another 10 minutes.

So why is this empanada worthy of a blog post?

Because I’m an emotional writer.  My posts are always driven by whatever strong emotion I’m feeling towards something.  And I am feeling rather strongly about this. So bear with me.

The first thing I noticed on first bite were the chunks of chicken inside.  Then as I bit again, I could feel and taste the egg.  It was not the mushy filling that we have gotten used to with the brand we’ve been loving.  I could feel the texture and identify the ingredients with each bite, and it added to the enjoyment of the taste.  My husband was saying, “This is so good, so good!” after biting into it, even before he started chewing, and that is no exaggeration.  Without a doubt, one is never enough, and we intend to have more.

But don’t just take my word for it.  You should try these Mama Empanadas, too!  Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.  Or you can call/text them at 0915 8633156.  I promise they do respond! Perfect for your gift-giving this Christmas, and for your family gatherings, too.

Now, if I could only think of a way to propose to Trina to make it available for deliveries, then my world will be good, coz right now, they don’t deliver.  That’s sad, but I hope this will be addressed soon.  Mama Empanada has ruined it for me.  I cannot buy another box of that other brand now.  🙁

Okay, that’s enough sharing for today.  I’ve been on bodyguard duties for the past week that I don’t only feel like a zombie.  I definitely look like a zombie.

Will be announcing my workshop plans, soon!

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