For the blessed life I have lived, and living.

For all the wonderful people I’m sharing this happy life with.  Family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances.

For the blessings that abound each and everyday.  From waking up in the morning, to gracefully overcoming challenges that are being presented each day.

For the awesome opportunities that continually pour in.  Meeting and making new friends, learning new things, accomplishing goals.

For all of these,  I am grateful.

I am grateful, even, for all the negative people who come into my life, as they add flavor to the nuances of living.

For the rejections we have experienced.

For people who take advantage.

And those who try to pull me down.

Today, as I celebrate the beginning of yet another chapter of my life, I want to make a random list of things that are testimonies of God’s faithfulness.  I’ll type them as they come to mind.  So here it goes:

  1. Waking up each morning.
  2. Waking up with the arms of my little boy around my neck.
  3. My own home office.
  4. Seeing my first love again after 7 long years. My brother.
  5. Finally meeting my youngest nephew, Anthony.
  6. Seeing Angelo again.
  7. Setting foot in Boracay.
  8. Having a job I truly enjoy.
  9. Having a wonderful client.
  10. Finding a church.
  11. Having an awesome business partner.
  12. Being  true friends with the same business partner.
  13. Seeing an old friend again, and having him teach my eldest baby guitar.
  14. My eldest child finally learning to play guitar.
  15. Being married to my best friend.
  16. The best friend I’m married to can cook.
  17. Same person who can cook can clean the house.
  18. The best friend who can cook and clean the house is also a great dad.
  19. Officially owning a piano.
  20. Finding a good piano teacher for the kids.
  21. My middlechild’s focus on her craft.
  22. My little boy’s focus on his craft.
  23. Being part of a WAHMderful community of mommies.
  24. Connectivity, however slow sometimes.
  25. A fully automatic washing machine.
  26. My blog surviving a heart attack.
  27. A loving sister who’s devoted to my children.
  28. Homeschooling.
  29. Having a cyber social life.
  30. Roof over our heads.
  31. Three square meals daily.
  32. Kids not getting sick.
  33. The ability to laugh at my mistakes.
  34. My kidney hanging on.
  35. My mother’s devotion.
  36. People who follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  37. Friends from long ago who still text me twice a year, on my birthday and on Christmas Day.
  38. Common sense.
  39. Music.
  40. Fitting into my daughter’s rubber shoes.
  41. Denims that are seven years old and still serving me well.
  42. No allergies.
  43. Clean water.
  44. Trees.
  45. Sense of humor.

There’s still a lot coming in that should be on the list, but for today, let’s stop at 45.

Thank you, Lord, for today, and all the days yet to come.