And this was exactly what I did this morning!

Us WAHMs always have our plates full with the daily tasks that we need to accomplish.  So when the computer threatens to leave you hanging, that definitely constitutes as an emergency.

For the past three days, my PC has been acting up.  The CPU has been emitting a high-pitched, continuous sound, followed by the monitor dying immediately after boot up.  It would always resolve after I switch it off and turn back on again.

This morning, the act went to full play, and the monitor just wouldn’t light up at all.  The sound just wouldn’t be abated.

Breathe in, breathe out…

As I sat just staring at the PC, the pages of my planner came illuminatingly clear in my mind.  Transcription of that messy audio needs to be submitted today, I have to resolve the bug in the Inner Circle with Jake, the plans at Training Peaks need to be added to the shopping cart, the programmer messed up the script yesterday and I need to see if it has been resolved over the night so I know at what point to run the sales export, Racquel’s website should be live for Jenn, need to submit the images to Dropbox for Dr. Jankoff… and the list continues to the end of the page.  I always manage to keep my planner filled up, which is good.  But not today.

Breathe in, breathe out…

Okay, I am calm.  I am not going to panic.  There are worse things that can happen.

Breathe in, breathe out…

As calmly as I could manage, I called the tech.

“Dad, uh, the PC, I think something is wrong.”

He comes out, and I started counting my blessings.

Blessing #1:  This happened today!  When husband is home.  He’s been out-of-town on a business trip since Monday, and he was not supposed to be home ’til Friday.  He finished early so he arrived last night.

Blessing #2:  Husband was looking calm, so I was hopeful that he could fix the problem.

Blessing #3:  With the CPU busted, I now have the time to clean the windows.

And I did!  Really!  And while I was at it, I also had the inspiration to sort the trash at the back.  You know, sorting the cans, bottles, plastics, getting them ready for the guys who buy them.

And just as I was winding up with my inspired cleaning and thinking about doing the laundry, the tech shouts “YES!”

Blessing #4:  The PC was fixed.

First order of my workday, back up all client files and pictures.  You never know when another episode of wailing will end with a gasp, followed by total silence.

Blessing #5:  That we had the sense to buy a 1TG external drive, so no problem with the humongous amount of data that I needed to back up.

Breathe in, breathe out…

And what do you know, it’s evening now and I’m writing about the experience.  I survived!  I didn’t panic!  I was calm, collected, and most of all, I made myself productive!

Being intentional works!  It gets the windows cleaned.  🙂

photo credit: Susan Sharpless Smith via photopin cc