Like, seriously?



And I have proof.

I’m officially a Bloggys 2015 nominee.

My excitement is worthy of a blog post, of course!

To other seasoned bloggers, or to those who have been nominated before, this may be nothing, but I feel like a million bucks for this nomination.  This means that there are people who are reading my blog, and there is at least one person who believes in my contribution to the blogging community.  That what I share is important.  And that what I say makes sense. I assure you, it’s not my mother.  Internet is not her thing.  And it’s not my husband either.  He’s not into blogs.

He’s into me.  Ha!  🙂

I remember posting on my Facebook page sometime ago, that if what I share online will inspire even just one person, then I have lived my purpose.  This Bloggys 2015 nomination is an affirmation that I’m doing something right.  I still have no idea who nominated me.  And please don’t tell the judges, but before I received the email informing me of my nomination, I had no idea what Bloggys is.

The email said the nominations will go on until the 30th of September.  And after that, I will be informed if I made it to the voting stage.  I’m not sure what that means. I think I will need to be nominated a certain number of times?  If that is the case, will you do that for me?  If you have 10 seconds to spare, then I hope you will nominate me some more.  🙂

Oh, I see fellow WAHMs in the list, so I encourage you to nominate them, too.  There is no limit.  🙂

And that’s all for now.  I’m still blessedly up to my eyeballs with work and some projects on the side, that’s why I have not been actively blogging lately.  Plus, I’m really trying to get my crochet hob-biz get off the ground.  But once I get back my writing groove, I will be blogging more often.

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