And I believe him!

Oh, gosh! I don’t know how I’m going to write this post while I’m doing the happy dance.  And grinning from ear-to-ear, too!  🙂

See, this happened just now.  Like right now!

I have just received a FREE copy of Jeff Goins‘ e-book, You Are A Writer, (So Start Acting Like One).

Right now, I’m far from acting like a writer.  I’m acting like a child who just had her first plushy doll.  A Hello Kitty one.  Okay, maybe I was more The Little Twin Star type, but who cares?

So anyway, yesterday, I received an email from Jeff.  Yeah, we’re close, so he emails me, and I call him Jeff.  In my dreams!

Again, anyway, I’m in his mailing list, coz I signed up, okay?  And so there’s this email announcing the price-drop for the Kindle version of the book.  It was just $0.99, so I excitedly clicked on the link to Amazon, with the intention of buying.  Alas, it was priced at $2.99.  I know these things happen, because I always encounter these problems in my line of work.  So I decided to send a reply to the newsletter to let them know that there’s some bug at work.

Jeff’s assistant, Stephanie, promptly replied that she has gone ahead and fixed the error.  So I went back to Amazon, only to see that the price was still $2.99.  So I decided to wait it out.  Based on experience, propagating a change can take a while.

Tonight, I went to Amazon again, hoping that I could finally get my book.  But instead of going down, the price even went up to $4.99.  So I decided to email Stephanie again, just to let her know.  I was resigned to the idea that I will just have to wait for another price-drop offer.

And then lo and behold!  She replied, and again promptly, with an attached PDF and MOBI files of the book!  Turns out, the offer was for US customers only, so what I thought was the bug last night was actually not a bug at all, but a location limitation set at Amazon.

So now, I’m happily writing, and tomorrow, I’ll be reading about me being a writer.  Ha ha!

Here’s an advance review of the book.  It is an effective motivational tool.  Merely having a copy now has motivated me to write this real quick blog post, and it has made me more of a fan of Jeff.  And I think I have just done something really important about being a writer.

I wrote!  I am a writer!  🙂

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