That is not so cool!

But, yeah, I did it.  And to be blogging about it is just my way of saying, “I promise to blog more, if you will just stay alive!”

Earlier this evening, or make that yesterday evening, since we’ve crossed midnight now, I had this on my Facebook Page.

Do you know of a sure-fire way of killing a site?
Don’t update! Even when WordPress tells you there is a new version available, don’t update.
That way, you don’t need to create a back up.
Because you need to back up your files before you do anything, right?
So you just conveniently forget about it.
And your site remains at the original version you created it with, which was 3.5. Or was it 3.2?
And that’s okay. Your site is working fine without the update.
And then watch 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9 go by.
Still, you don’t update.
And here comes 3.9.1.
And someone has kindheartedly created a back up for you.
So you think, oh, it’s ok to update now.
While you are busy printing homeschool exercises and editing an article, you had the urge to update.
And so you happily click on the update button.
But because you are pre-occupied with something else, you forget to deactivate all your plugins first, which is another requisite before you update.
So you give your site a heart attack by letting it sit with 3.2 for a loooong time, then update to 3.9.1, skipping all the other versions, with all the plugins running, and no idea whether any one of those may not be compatible with the update.
THAT is the process of successfully killing a site.
And THAT’s exactly what I did.
Share this if you know of anyone in danger of committing this crime.
Save someone the anguish I’m feeling right now.

Fortunately for me, I have partner who’s a WordPress ninja, and she amazingly revived my dead site.

And I… I almost died of heartache, too.  But I had faith.  To the One up there, and to The Techie Mom.

The only thing that makes me sad now is that I lost all my social media leverage.  Zero tweets and Facebook likes.  But hey, who knows?  They might be restored, too.  If not, well, please go ahead and start clicking those icons below each of the posts.  🙂

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