Are you presently homeschooling or considering homeschooling your kids? Then I hope to see you on September 6!

It’s the Second Homeschooling Conference, to be hosted by Manila Workshops and The Learning Basket, co-presented by Unilab.

We are actually on our sixth year of homeschooling, but this is the first time that I’m going to attend the conference. I only have, so far, attended the Homeschooling 101 by The Master’s Academy, the provider that we started with on our homeschooling journey.

Just looking at the topics makes me so excited! We are trying out the independent path to homeschooling this year, and I’m sure that the conference topics will inspire us more in pursuing our goals.

The conference speakers are hands-on teacher mommies themselves, and one of them is a person I look up to. She’s been homeschooling for 12 years, so I’m sure she knows just about everything there is to know in the field.

I’m also looking forward to finding some homeschooling treasures at the booths. I heard that Filway will be there, so I’ll make sure that I get their Philippine Almanac this time. I sorely regret that I ran out of budget in last year’s Manila International Book Fair so I wasn’t able to get a copy.

Check out the poster below for more details about the event, or you can visit Manila Workshops.

There’s still time to register, so I hope to see you there!