In September last year, I attended my first Homeschooling Conference, although we were already in our sixth year of homeschooling.

This year, I’m excited to be attending another homeschool-related conference, but this time, it is more focused on the parents, not the homeschooling concept.  It’s the TMA Homeschool Parents Conference, happening on March 12, at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig.

You are not going to believe how insecure, how frustrated and how scared I’ve been in the past years.  But all these hodgepodge of emotions are nothing when compared to the happiness and security I feel about being with my kids day in and day out.

Six years, and I’m still in need of hand-holding.  Or maybe just in need of knowing how other parents do it, or how I can further improve our homeschooling experience.  Not just for me as a parent, but for my children, as well.  Which is why, this time, I’m bringing one of our two remaining homeschoolers to the conference.

Our middlechild is about to move on to Grade 7, and she is strongly considering going the traditional high school route.  Oh, I have cried about this, feeling that I have failed.  That drama about being incompetent and not meeting the expectations of my child.  But a chat with a fellow homeschooling mom gave me back my confidence that hey, we must have done something right after all.  Because our baby knows what she wants, and she’s able to voice it out.

Whatever happens, whatever she ultimately decides to do, we will support her.  But for now, while she is still processing her thoughts about going, I’d like to equip myself with proper knowledge and insights from those who have actually homeschooled through high school, so that if and when she decides to stay home, I will be ready.

The conference topics are all the things I would want to know more about:  character-focused education, multi-level homeschooling, homeschooling through high school, adjusting teaching strategies… All very rich topics.  All I expect to absorb like a sponge.

So, whether you are a parent who have homeschooled for years already (like I’ve been), or a parent who is still considering homeschooling and just want to find out if it’s for you, I invite you to join me in this homeschool parents conference on March 12.

Oh, and have I mentioned that the provider we started with was TMA itself?  🙂  Well, yes, it was.

Click on this link to register, and don’t forget to use my code THWTMAHS_1 when prompted for a referral code.

Hope to see you there!

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