I have not blogged for over a month!


I simply can’t find my writing mojo.

I used to be able to just decide that I want to blog, and in 15 minutes, I’d have something live.

But for weeks now, I simply have no desire to write. At all.

Maybe I was disheartened that I was not given an award in the past Bloggys ceremonies.

Ha ha ha!

But seriously, I’ve been opting to crochet than to blog lately.  So there…

Anyway, tradition dictates that I at least have something to remember 2015 by, and to welcome 2016 with.

So, here goes…

I’m not going to overthink this one, or I’ll end up not publishing anything at all.  I just want to round up my year as another unforgettable one.  The outpouring of blessings and all the lessons learned overshadowed the challenges and disappointments.  I’m grateful for my family, my friends, business partners and the communities I belong to.  I’m grateful for the blessing of work, of skills, of time, of good health.  I’m grateful for the opportunities  and the eye-openers.  And most of all, I’m grateful for meeting (most of) my goals this year.  Some were missed, but I’m fine with that.  I’m still happy.  Everything’s fluid.  Nothing’s written on stone.  Goals serve as my guide, not a source of stress.  🙂

One major accomplishment this year has been the launch of my craft site, Crafted Crafts.  I’m still tinkering with it, but this is how my business card will look like next year.

I miserably failed on my goal to finish three online courses.  I did not even finish one!  But that does not mean that I have not taken time to learn something new.  I’ve taken to listening to audiobooks and loving it!  You might want to try it, too!  Get 2 free audiobooks for a 30-day free trial.  You get to keep the 2 you already downloaded even if you cancel before the trial ends.  That’s a good deal, yeah?

I don’t have any other tradition.  I don’t have 13 fruits on our table.  We have fruits, but I’m not counting.  We buy what we plan to eat and that’s it!  No coins, no rice, no red shirts, no circles.  For 2016 to be awesome, I just need to stay focused on what I want to achieve, work hard, spend time with my family, stay away from stressors, always be grateful, and find the blessing in every hardship.

And with this post, I bid 2015 goodbye and with a happy heart, I say… Hello, 2016!