In less than a month, I’ll be in front of like-minded WAHMs again, doing what I love most – sharing what I know.

This has been in my mind for the longest time, but I’ve been putting it off coz I always succeed in talking myself out of it.  I tell myself “people won’t be interested”; “I can’t make it fly”; “there are lots of workshops about the same topic, who will come to mine”; and a host of other negative thoughts.  But then, if I count the number of aggregate hours (yes, hours) I spend online answering questions thrown my way, those hours can already make up some weeks.

So why not put together a day of hands on tutorial for those who are brave enough to get acquainted with WordPress, up close and personal!  And I’ll have my partner, The Techie Mom, by my side, to whack me on the head if I ever tell you something that is not so true.

So here’s what we are going to do.

We are going to create a subdomain for each one of the attendees.  Like, so that you will have a real hands on experience of the platform.

But you ask: “I already have account.  Can’t I just use that?”

Well, yes, you can.  But you will be missing out on the fun!  And fun has a name.  It’s called plugins!

So, yes.  Our hands on tutorial will allow you to really create your own site from scratch, and by the time we’re ready to go home, you will be dreaming of ways you can tweak your site to improve its content and design.

Now, for those who already have existing hosted WordPress sites, you can, of course, use your dashboard, and apply what we’re going to share with you, when applicable, to your site.

So, are you ready to join us?

Just head over to this link => Getting to Know WordPress

I will be so thrilled to see you!