Excuse the oversharing, but I just can’t stop myself.  So happy with my DIY yarn bag!

As you should know by now, I’m a crochet addict.   Wherever I go, I just have to have my bag of hook and yarn.  There are even days that I just start a new project when what’s on my hook cannot be taken anywhere, like when I’m working on a light-colored material that I don’t want to get exposed to smoke and dust outside, or when the project I’m working on is already heavy that I can no longer work on it without a lap table.

Lately I’ve been pretty frustrated with my yarn cakes coz they get deformed when I bring them in my bag.  I have three re-usable shopping bags that I use to put my crochet-projects-to-go.  No, I don’t bring all three at one go.  I just choose the project to bring whenever, and yes, I always have at least three projects going on at any given time.

I’ve been dreaming of a yarn drum, the kind that has been sitting in my Amazon wish list.  But I have abandoned the idea of ordering from Amazon, unless, of course, I can have it delivered from Amazon to a relative who’s about to come home for a vacation.  I just can’t risk the stress of ordering online and worry about customs and all.

Yesterday was a really slow day on the work front, so I had time to put some order in our clothes cabinet.  I found the excess canvas cloth from my DIY curtain and decided to try piecing them together and see if I can make a bag out of it.

My first attempt did not go very well.  I started to piece together a bag that has four sides and a bottom.  I had a hard time keeping them aligned.  I was never any good in geometry.  So I discarded the idea, and decided to just make it really simple.  I sewed on together two pieces of rectangular cloth to create a big rectangular piece. I took my yarn tray, measured the area, and made that the size of the circumference of the bag.  I sewed on together the two short ends just enough for the tray to pass through.  Then I sewed one end close to create the bottom part.   I positioned the tray inside, and folded the two corners to make a flat bottom, same size as the bottom of the tray.

The Pockets

There is another piece of cloth left, so I embroidered it a bit to use it as outside pocket, and also to hide the part where I have pieced together the two rectangles.  I attached it all around the bag, so it’s like a big continuous outside pocket.

I made the two ends to overlap, which created a narrow pocket for the hooks.  Please note that they are peeking out, only to show where the hook pocket is, but the hooks should actually be below the lip of the pocket to avoid any danger of them falling out.  I just put a piece of scrap yarn inside so you can see.  🙂

The Strap

For the strap, I was going to piece together three layers of cloth to create a really thick strap, but husband vetoed the idea.  He said it’s not going to be sturdy.  Then I remembered the shoulder strap of my daughter’s old school bag.  I have an instant shoulder strap!

I sewed on three buttons on the side, just to embellish it a bit.  The plan is for my daughter to create a cross-stitched patch for me to put on the front pocket.  Let’s see what she’ll come up with.  🙂

For now, I just feel awesome with my little accomplishment, and who knows, it might hit the Crafted Crafts shop, too!

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