DIY corkboard, anyone?

I’ve always been handy with thread and needles, so when I found my kids’ old corkboard just lying around, gathering dust, and almost rotting on the sides, I was inspired.

It still has its tag price at the back, and seeing how much money was spent for it, I just couldn’t find it in my heart to throw it away.   So I rummaged through my old clothes, thinking that I could use one of my old shirts, or maybe an old housedress to refurbish the coarkboard.  Instead, I found what was left of the scrap cloth from my DIY curtain.  Back in September, a part of it was also used for my DIY yarn bag.  I found two long pieces which I have sewn together, then stapled them at the back.

I still have some scrap cloth left.  Who knows what else I can make from it?  For now, I’m happy with what I was able to accomplish.  My DIY corkboard is now proudly displayed in my office.

If you have an old corkboard lyng around in your house and want to give it a new life, you can also try old t-shirts, or printed scrap cloths to add a splash of color in it.

Have fun!

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