24/365Challenge:  Buying house slippers for our kids have become a problem lately.  So the idea of making crocheted slippers came to mind.

We had two scheduled power interruptions in our area, so I was able to plan what I would do during my downtime from work.  I was working on our daughter’s hooded cowl, but I’ve been stressing over her house slippers that are again due for replacement.  Sometimes I think metal slippers should be invented just for her, to make them last longer.  But then I thought maybe something that really hugs the skin would be better.

So I thought of crocheted slippers.

Problem is, I’m still not good at making rounds.  So the hours that I could not do any office work due to the power interruption were spent experimenting on crocheting in rounds.  The one beanie I tried to make before was a disaster.  And so were my glass covers.  They are okay to look at, but I know that I’ve been doing something wrong in making the rounds.

After hours of experimenting, and yards of wasted yarn, I finally figured it out.  Good thing I have lots of yarns from Sugar Free.   🙂

So here’s how I did it…

I made a magic ring, then made 8 SCs on the ring.  Slip stitch to the first SC then Ch 1 to go to the second round.

For the second round, I made the first increase.  That’s SC on the first stitch, then 2SC on the next stitch and repeat until the end of the round.  Slip stitch to the first SC on the round, then Ch 1 to go up the third round.

For the third round, I made the second increase.  That’s SC in the first stitch, SC on the second stitch, then 2SC on the third stitch.  Repeat until end of round, then slip stitch, Ch 1 to go up the next round.

I kept on increasing until the sixth round.  By the end of the sixth round, I had 32 stitches on the round.  After that, I made 16 rounds with 32 stitches.  Then I fastened off.

Then I marked the center of the project with stitch markers, and estimated where I should attach the yarn to work on the sides.  I left the middle 8 stitches free.  Then went on to work on 18 rows, before I connected the ends.

And here’s my finished DIY crocheted slippers!

You are welcome to make your own out of the process I shared, or you can just order from me.  🙂

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