15/365Challenge:  Thrilled to the bones that a yarn mix has been named after my baby, Crafted Crafts.  So today, I’m sharing with you Crafted Crafts Cottonberry.

Remember my post where I first introduced my Crafted Crafts logo?

Well, the logo has been edited, and now comes in two variations.  Thanks to Lique of Artique whose hands were responsible for these beauties.  Her original design is still up at the site, but last December, I asked her to make the colors brighter, as I find the original teal shade kinda sad.  🙂

But who am I kidding?  The reason that I actually had the color changed a bit was that I could not make the teal at the site match the shade of the teal on the logo.  Ergo, I sent Lique the hex code of the teal I used at the site and asked her, nicely, to please make the colors match.  🙂

Crafted Crafts Logo Round

Then last week, while I was looking for a green cotton yarn for a poncho project, Jherae, one of the fantastic duo responsible for the unique Sugar Free yarn mixes that you’ll only find at their cave, showed me the teal that she was still winding.  I was so excited that it was exactly the shade of teal of my logo!  So I went ahead and asked if she could put a little bit of pink in it, sent her my logo, and in no time, she came up with the Crafted Crafts Cottonberry mix.  🙂

Nice, yeah?

Now I’m busy looking for a project that I can use this for.  Or I can just keep it as part of my hoard.

If you are a crocheter looking for one-of-a kind yarn mixes, try Sugar Free!  I love all their mixes, and I love the story behind the brand more. Will be talking about them in more detail soon!

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