Back in June, I had my first Work-At-Home 101 workshop in Lipa.  It’s the first time I was running a workshop in the province, so I had to personally set up everything.  In Manila, I have my own event coordinator who takes care of my logistics, but since I don’t know anyone in Lipa who offers this service, I had to make do with the only resource I have.  Me.

I was gunning for Café de Lipa. I’ve had a couple of business meetings in that place before, and I just love the smell of freshly ground coffee.  I also considered Taza Mia at Robinson’s, as it is usually quiet on weekdays.

But then a new acquaintance mentioned The Candlelight Café, not far from the city center.  And because she mentioned that the place is also offering art classes, I was really interested to find out more.

Husband and I went to check it out one afternoon, and as luck would have it, the last batch of their summer art program was due to start the following Monday.  We decided right there and then that it was a program that we’d love our middlechild to be enrolled in.

A Treasure Trove

We were graciously welcomed by the owner herself, Dr. Marichu Carstensen, who, we found out, is also the Doc behind Doc’s Candles.  She gave us a tour of the place and I just fell in love.

Dr. Carstensen teaches mosaic art.

She also teaches painting in pastel and acrylic.

Inside one of the sheds where she teaches painting. these caught my  eyes.

The subject. Or reference, however they are called.

And the painting.

Another subject.

And the corresponding painting.

And look!  The good doctor’s daughter is also into crafting. She embroiders!

And they serve good food!

There’s an upright piano at the café, and one time that we were there, one of the art students played a few broadway pieces, and well, I just sang along.  How cool is that?  We can jam anytime!

I’m looking forward to the day that we can do Craft Buffet at The Candlelight Café, too.  🙂

How To Get There

Coming from Star Tollway, exit at Leviste/Bulacnin Toll Gate.  Go straight to the direction of Lipa City and upon reaching the corner of Levi Town, turn left at Jollibee, going to the direction of Malvar.  Now watch out and keep your eyes to the left of the road, driving around 400 to 500 meters from where you made the turn. Look for their signage which is a bit high, and enter that small road leading to the back of the compound.  Don’t be shy. Just drive in.  At the end of that short road, you’ll find a clearing, and you’ll be at The Candlelight Café.

The place, I found out, also happens to be the home of the Lipeño Youth Arts Club.   And I’m hoping that our middlechild gets to be a member of that club, now that she has taken a more serious turn in her art journey.

I’ll be sharing my daughter’s finished projects here soon, so I hope you’ll watch out for my blog post on it.

Photo credit: Dr. Marichu Carstensen for her daughter’s embroidered jumpers.

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