Uhmm… That does not sound quite right, but each word is true, when taken on its own.

Exactly one year after our traumatic experience with Glenda, another trauma hit us as a family in the  wee hours this morning. We have been burglarized, and at about the same exact time when the onslaught of Glenda was at its peak.

The night before last, we have been nursing our son. He had an acute onset of allergy, and because we were afraid that it might spread internally, we were at the ready to rush him to the ER, with a letter from our pedia on what to give him so hospital staff need not wait.  Thankfully, he responded to oral meds so well that yesterday passed without any problem.  So last night, husband and I agreed that we should have an early night. He went to bed ahead of me, and I just had to wait for our daughter to finish what she was doing on her laptop before I turned in, as well.

I don’t usually leave my cellphone on my desk. I always put both my phones in my bag, and take the bag with me to the bedroom. But last night, I was going to bed earlier than usual, so it did not finish charging, and I decided to just leave it on my desk, to continue charging in the morning.

At 4:00am, I was awakened by my husband. “Marge, napasok tayo.”

I was totally awake in a flash, reached for my glasses, ready to go out of the room.

But husband stopped me. “Stay here. Baka nasa loob pa.” He already had the arnis sticks in his hands.  Our firstborn behind him. He went upstairs to check, while I got the pepper spray from my bag and followed him, leaving our firstborn with the younger ones.

We made an initial inventory of what might have been taken. His laptop on my desk, our daughter’s laptop on the floor beside my desk, my S3 phone, my watches. I immediately logged in to change passwords on my social media accounts, while the girls check for items that may be missing. I remembered the binoculars on top of the piano. It’s not there anymore. Then our middlechild said the DS and her Nokia cellphone are gone, too. She left the DS charging beside her Ate’s laptop, and her cellphone was just on top of the book she was reading. Then I remembered seeing our daughter’s camera on top of the printer, and it’s not there. We later found it in the girls’s bedroom, thankfully. My husband found the door open, while the stopper on the screen door was set. I believe they were also planning to take out the TV and the desktops, but our daughter’s alarm went off, causing them to leave in a hurry.

I already knew my bag was not taken, so we had to check for the other laptop and the other camera.  They’re where they should be. No drawers were opened. That was an indication that the burglars didn’t have a long time inside. The portable organ is where it should be. The TV, the two desktops and the printer are untouched. My sewing and embroidery machine are still here. My yarns! Oh, thank goodness! They’re untouched. My hooks! They’re on my desk still.

And while writing this, I just remembered that I removed my ring before going to bed, and left it on my desk. Now gone. I should remember to add this item to the police report, as I didn’t remember this while the police were here.

I was awakened at 4:00am, we reached the police station at 4:20. I had to prioritize on changing passwords before leaving the house. I gave my initial statement at the station, while husband called the network to have my SIM blocked. The police followed us home, took pictures at the scene and made the report.

It’s afternoon, and we have just arrived from the city. We had to take Jude for a follow up with his doctor, and dropped by the bank to file a report, and the Sun Shop, to get a SIM replacement. We also dropped by Handyman to pick up some alarms, and follow up on our order of a CCTV set. Our guy there, Rommel, promised to call us the moment the units arrived. We’ve been waiting for availability for two months. Oh, well…

While we were at the city, our welder, Ramil, repaired the window grills, which the burglars managed to open. Don’t ask me. I still can’t believe they can do that. But God may have other plans.

Oh yes, God. While the sun was coming up, my mother muttered, “Panginoon, bakit naman nangyayari ito?

And I immediately shushed her. No, don’t ever question God. Don’t ever lose faith. Let’s see the good in all this. Just as I was grateful for His protection when Glenda happened, I am again truly grateful that not one of my kids were harmed. Their bedroom door was open when my husband saw it. The girls always keep it closed, and the open door tells us that the burglar was there. He/They tried to go in there. But nothing was stolen from their bedroom. Our firstborn’s wallet was in plain sight, as was her cellphone. But they were not taken. Why?

So we tried to recreate what could have happened. However softly we try to open the girls’ door, it gives out a creak at around four inches of being opened. And my husband saw it open just that wide. So the burglar must not have been inside their room, although he/they tried to.

That alone was reason enough to be grateful.

On our drive to and from the city, husband and I counted our blessings. Too many to enumerate, but suffice it to say that we have agreed on seeing the good side of this new experience. We have seen our security flaws, we have been spared from physical harm, those taken were things we can do without, except of course for the data and photos, so yes, I am grateful. WE are grateful.

My husband is a light sleeper. He wakes up at the slightest sound. But last night, he did not stir. I believe God put him in deep slumber so he would not wake up. Had he been awakened by the burglars, someone would definitely have been hurt.

And to lessen the heartache over the items we lost, I crocheted.

Photo on the left was the last photo I took with my S3, and the one on the right was taken just now, before I hit publish. It’s a beanie I’m making for the children of Buscalan.  A couple of weeks ago, I made a commitment to participate in a project called Beanies for Buscalan, Kalinga.  I’ve never made a beanie before, but fellow crocheters sent me the text pattern, and I think I’m getting it.  I hope I can make more than one. This is my first beanie. And definitely not going to be my last.

As for what happened in the wee hours today, I still get goosebumps when I think of the coincidence.  Realization hit me just this afternoon. When I  decided to blog about the experience, and I remembered the post from last year.  Is this just a coincidence?  Or is there a message here somewhere?

Maybe the burglars will try to sell the items that we lost, and maybe one of the buyers will stumble on this post, and maybe decide to return them to us?  God only knows.  I’m praying.  Husband told me, don’t hope for the impossible.  Not gonna happen.  But I’m Mrs. Positivity.  I’m praying.  And maybe God will touch someone’s heart today.  I’m not going to say, we’re okay about losing those things because we actually need them.  At least, the laptops and the phone.  Just those.  All the rest, they can keep.  We are freelancers, and those items are our main tools.  We need those to survive.  And my daughter needs her laptop and the projects she has in there.  So if you are reading this, pray with me, please?  Thank you!

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