Just a couple more nights and it will be the day of the Blogapalooza!

To say that I’m excited is an understatement.  It’s going to be a first for me, attending a blogger event. I have no idea what goes on in such gatherings, but I know that I’ll be in good company, as  I’ll be with other members of the WAHM community who have become real friends already.  I did say that I’m going to get serious with my blogging, didn’t I?  So I’ll be off to a good start, meeting seasoned bloggers.

So what is Blogapalooza?

According to its founder, Vince Golanco, who also happens to be the man behind When In Manila:

Blogapalooza is a community. It’s a link between big and small businesses who have something cool to share and the online community of people who love to share. Blogapalooza is a blogger event on crack!


Happy to be part of the online community of people who love to share. 🙂  The essence of my blogging is to share ideas, experiences, best practices and  yes, products that I find may be beneficial to people who are reading me.

So yeah, I’m excited and looking forward to meeting and making new friends, too!  I’m calling this my great day out.  🙂

Thanks to Rikka Redrico, I’m not going there totally blind.  She wrote some cool tips on how to prepare for the event.  I already have event buddies, I have my notebook and my beloved orange mechanical pencil all ready to go, and hopefully, I can bring calling cards, too.

Now, how about that suit?