It was a training for homeschooling parents, and my eight-year-old just wanted to tag along, so I brought her with me.  She woke up promptly at 5:00AM so we could leave at 6:00AM and be at TMA for the 8:30 sked, with time for breakfast before going in.  It was a full day activity, so I feared that she’d get bored.  I asked her: “What will you do while Mommy is attending the training?”  She said: “I’ll just bring my sketchpad.”  And she did.

She lost her pencil somewhere (maybe when she took out her jacket from her bag while we were on the bus) so we made a quick trip to National Bookstore during the break.  We made a pact at the beginning of her school year that we are not going to buy any coloring materials as we have a boxful of old crayons that we collected from the past years’ purchases.  That pact was about to be broken.

At the bookstore, she saw these Faber-Castell watercolour pencils and an artistic template.  I could feel she wanted to have new pencils.  Sure, we have dozens of crayons, but colored pencils are different.  Aware of how much she loves to draw, I know just how much she would love to have a new set of good quality pencils.  And dust-free erasers.  It was painful to watch her lovingly touching the boxes of colored pencils and making an effort not to ask for one.  So I asked: “Would you like to have new pencils?”  She replied with a question of her own:  “Do you have money?”  I said, “I guess we can buy a box.”  Then she said:  “Just the small one, Mommy.”  Although I could feel how much she would prefer to have the big box with the brush and sharpener.

And so we ended up buying Faber-Castell pencils, the 12-piece watercolour pencil box with the brush, and I threw in an artistic template, too.

So here is the latest addition to Bea’s drawing portfolio.

Bea at work, while a speaker was discussing Singapore Math.

My certificate for the training.  But nothing will ever beat the drawing.  🙂