I first heard of Balik Bukid last year.  But only after people were already talking about it on Facebook.  From the photos and the blogs, the fair seemed like fun.  So I made a promise to myself and the kids that we’ll be at the next one.

And we were.

We’ve just arrived home from this year’s Balik Bukid at Hacienda Sta. Elena.  And boy, it was indeed fun!  Come to think of it, fun is an understatement.  It was exhilarating.  More so for the kids.  Each of them had a personal high.

Xia riding a horse.  And a big one at that!

Bea conquering her fear of heights.  I was truly worried that she’d feel the fear halfway up and panic, but she was able to hold on and finish the climb on her own, and go back down again.  Truth be told, I was only able to take a total of three shots of her on those ropes.  I was shaking.  Very frightened that she’d have an episode.  I know that feeling so well.  The paralyzing fear of heights.  But she was a real trouper.  Even asked if she could do another climb.  But my heart could no longer take it.  So, no.

Jude catching a fish.

And I had a personal high, too.

I did something that I have not done even in my teen years.   And not even when I was moonlighting as a production assistant for live concerts.

Today, I finally had the courage to ask a celebrity for a photo op.  Look at this!

Well, I actually approached her with:  “Ah, excuse me, but can my kids have a photo with you?”  And my kids were like: “What?  Why?  Sino s’ya, Mommy?”  So I explained:  “Sorry, my kids don’t watch TV and they are not familiar with Philippine show business.”   And she replied:  “Oh, that’s okay!  I don’t watch TV myself, and I wouldn’t know me either if I’m not me.”  Ha ha!

So here she is with my girls.

The little boy was at that time having fun boating with his dad, which was a good thing, coz I wouldn’t have had the courage to approach Maricel had the dad been around.  He frowns on these things.  Being a fan and taking pictures of celebrities.  It’s simply not in his zone.  So it was a good thing that he was not around.  🙂

We met a couple of fellow WAHMs.  Hmmm… now that I think about it, these WAHMs are both artistically gifted.  Ginnie of The Green Mailbox and Nica of Carlos and Veronica.  Awesome talents, these ladies!

And Xia had a bag personalized with her name by Ima, who also does calligraphy.  And what do you know, the other lady in the photo below is also named Isabelle.  She’s actually one of the angels of Manila Workshops.

Thrilled also to have re-introduced myself and the kids to a cousin-in-law, whose online store will be launched next year.  But for now, you can find her here, and below, with my treasures.  Jude really was in his element this whole day, making faces for the camera.

And lest I be accused of turning my site into a photo blog, I’d better stop posting photos here.

To the organizers of the country fair, thank you for putting up such an organized event.  The attendants were all so accommodating and helpful.  The facilities were well-maintained.  Like the toilets were cleaned after every use.  Alcohol bottles and paper towels in every turn.  Attendants maintaining cleanliness of the grounds. Security personnel so snappy. All the kuya‘s who assisted my kids through the horseback riding, the carabao ride, the rope climb, the feeding, the boating, the fishing… kudos to you!  You were their heroes!  Until the next Balik Bukid!