Celebrated my nth birthday the other day.

I planned to post an update here of the things I’m grateful for, just as I did three years ago.  Every item in that list still holds true today, so the plan was just to add some more.

But life happened.

We had no internet for three days in the four days leading to my birthday, so my work piled up.  Had to work double time on my birthday.  So no blog post.

In fact, it’s only today that I was able to respond to each and every one of the birthday greetings on my Facebook wall.

And I have to say, some left me speechless. And humbled. And even more grateful.

Look!  This one’s from Fancy Girl Design Studio.

Notice my brand colors?  Really touched that she made this for me! In my colors!

And this message from Mrs. Gee in our Hobbies to Business Group.

If you are reading my blog for the first time. Hobbies to Business is a workshop module I created on how to turn, well, a hobby into a profitable business. Mrs. Gee is one of those who followed through and turned her love for baking into a full-fledged business.

This one’s from a fellow VA, who also used to be in corporate like me.   We met in one of my VA Success Workshops, became friends, and now, colleagues.

Ah, this one’s precious.  From my partner, The Techie Mom.

Love comes from the most unexpected places.  And so does friendship.  Here’s one of my peg homeschooling moms.  We also met in one of my VA Success Workshops.  But guess what?  During lunch break of that workshop, she realized that becoming a VA is not for her.  I guess I was way too honest when I bared the realities of WAHMing, I scared her off.  🙂

Fortunately, only from becoming a VA. We have since worked together in some projects, and became friends.

Yes, I spent my birthday working.  From the bed to the office in five minutes.  Checked my work mail, marked those that I needed to accomplish first, joined the family for breakfast (husband prepared pancakes) and tried to finish as much as I could before we left for a quick trip to the city.

We had our family lunch out tradition, bought a couple of cakes, and then headed back home so I could continue with my tasks.

Oh, I almost forgot!

Before we left for lunch, husband cooked spaghetti so we would have something for dinner.


And we had ice cream, too!

So yeah, I’m grateful.

For the gift of life, and of family. Of friends, and of work.

And for today, I’m most grateful for the time that each and every person took to leave me a birthday greeting on my Facebook wall, in my inbox, and through my phone.  You all have given me the perfect gift.  Your time.

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