Well!  It’s really not everyday that I have the luxury of reading blogs.  It’s just that last night, I launched my new business site, MargeAberásturi.com.  Been considering getting my name for a domain, but have been putting it off since I already have a full schedule and really have no time for another baby to take care of.  But given the developments that happened right after the WAHMderful Workshop, I decided that it’s time to take action.

So on Friday morning, I finally bought the domain, and launched the new site Saturday evening.  It was pretty easy, as I only migrated the content from my old biz site.  I used the Weaver II theme, the same theme that I’m using here, and experimented on creating a really simple header. I’m still not a Photoshop expert, so for the short time that I had, I made do with creating a simple font box in a Powerpoint slide, saved it as PNG and uploaded as header.  Same thing for the background.  I just created a slide and saved it as PNG, then uploaded as background.  We VAs find ways!  🙂

Last night, prior to launch, I optimized my pages and my posts, created my meta title, meta tags and meta description, and then went ahead and announced the link on my Facebook account.  This morning, I went for a Google search, and what do you know!  MargeAberásturi.com appeared #4 on page 1 of 12,300 results!

But what really got me excited, and almost teary-eyed, is what I found on page 5.  There’s this blog of Apples and Dumplings about the WAHMderful Workshop.  And there, in one of the pictures, was my hideous, unglamorous self, along with the pictures of gorgeous, snazzy WAHMs, in action during the workshop.  Well, never mind that I looked like a hag.  What really caught me was the caption under the picture.  It said:  “Marge Aberasturi, a very successful WAHM! WAHM of WAHMs I must say.”  Now that will beat Selecta Rocky Road Overload any day, a hundred to zero!

So to you, Apples and Dumplings, thank you very much!  I really hope that I can live up to that description.  I am trying, I really am!  And I do pray, too, that you will finally find your niche in WAHMing.  TheTechieMom and I are just here, an email or a post away.  Ask your questions, call for help.  We’ll be so happy to assist you!