It’s my third year as Teacher Mommy, so I’m starting to be more adventurous with our curriculum. We’ve been using AOP Lifepac in the past two years, but this year, to cut cost, we’re going to use more local books. We’ll stick to AOP Lifepac for Math and Science, however.  These are two subjects that I would not mind spending on.

Science – Lifepac Level 4 – Alpha Omega Publications

Math – Lifepac Level 4 – Alpha Omega Publications

Language – Speak, Read and Write 3 – C & E Publishing

Reading – Charlotte’s Web – Total Language Plus

Bible – Following God 3 – ICI Ministries

Character – The Power for True Success – Institute in Basic Life Principles

Filipino – Sanghaya 3 – C & E Publishing

Social Studies – Makabayang Lahi – Ephesians Publishing (We are complying with DepEd’s directive that Social Studies be taught in Filipino.)

Music – Piano Lessons

Arts – Online materials, and Sing, Sketch, Stretch 3 from Abiva Publishing House.

Etiquette – Family Book of Manners – CLC

Since we have two months of waiting for the Lifepac sets to arrive, I’ll be using Math for Lifelong Learning 4 and Real Life Science 4 from Abiva Publishing House for our Math and Science activities.

Also, for Social Studies, we’ll be supplementing our lessons with the Mystery of History Volume I from Bright Ideas Press.